Aion Kina Secret Guide -- Obtaining Aion Kinah with Alchemy

Published: 08th January 2010
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Are you an enthusiast of MMORG? If so, you will know that one of the first professions that appears in any MMO is Alchemy. This profession is the only profession that most guilds look for when they start putting together their end game needs. In Aion, they also provide this profession as it does in other games - with potions and scrolls to be used in end-game content. In addition to those items, Alchemists can also put together spellbooks and orbs for use by casters. If you need to get a lot of aion kina, you should first learn this profession well. This Guide will show you the top secret Strategies you can legally use and generate up to 17,000 aion kinah an hour or more in Aion Online, without any hacks or cheats!

Firstly, To make the necessary potions and scrolls for end-game content. You'll do better if you gather your own materials, but most end game items made by Alchemists will sell for more than the materials you buy at the Trade Broker.

Secondly, The key is to find a good place to sell them. There is the Trade Broker, but for many Alchemists, a better route is to set up shop outside of instances and in fortresses in the Abyss where you can market directly to the players who need the items most. In this case, you can usually use a markup of between 50% and 100% at these locations due to the convenience factor.

Thirdly, Potion brokering is not the only way to make cheap aion kina with an Alchemist though. You can also load up on manastone and use your manastone conversion ability to change them into ones that sell much better, and a Level 450 Alchemist with a good stock of reagents can turn the worst manastones they can find (which can cost as little as 500-10,000 aion Kinah) into top sellers like Attack, Critical Strike, and Flight Time.

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